Giving you flexibility with the power of digital distribution, ordering, and pre-ordering.

Digital support

Online brochure re-ordering:

Our comprehensive website is the easiest and most efficient way for travel agents to order brochures. Orders are processed immediately upon reciept and fulfilled in a timely manner. Online supplier access through a secure login allows you to view your order history, track shipments, place new orders and monitor inventory levels.

Brochure order capturing:

This allows full control over who receives your collateral. Your brochure is hosted at, the agent order is captured and complete order details are emailed directly to you for fulfillment.

Brochure pre-order:

Exclusive to ENVOY, agents have the capacity to pre-order brochures in advance of their official release. These orders are captured through our website, a weekly email campaign and printed order form included with Travelweek magazine allowing for more targeted initial distribution and savings on printing costs.

Brochure hosting:

By hosting your digital brochures with, they can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf allowing travel agents the flexibility of accessing material immediately.