5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Envoy for Your Canadian Warehousing Needs

As a small to medium-sized business either in the B2C or B2B sector, you may be in need of a third-party logistics provider. The right logistics partner not only relieves you of your logistics troubles but also offers the right guidance and tools to steer your business towards success. Envoy Networks is the right choice as your third-party logistic provider and we’ll tell you why:

1. Located near major airports

Envoy Networks is conveniently located near major airports in the Greater Toronto and Vancouver areas. With a warehouse over 19,000 square feet by the Pearson Airport, and a 5,000 square foot facility near Vancouver International Airport, we make your logistics process easier and more accessible. 

2. Client access

We offer full coverage of Canadian warehousing needs to all our clients. Clients of Envoy Networks have flexible access to warehousing as they require. We understand how important transparency and access to your warehoused goods are.

3. Energy efficient and environmentally conscious 

Envoy Networks is always one step forward in their goal to continuously improve and make environmentally conscious decisions. Some of the following ways Envoy has successfully done so include the following:

  • LED motion sensor lights 

LED motion sensor lights are installed throughout the warehouse to significantly decrease energy consumption. LED lights use 90% less energy than a regular incandescent light bulb. They also have a higher life-expectancy, taking a longer time before they need to be thrown away and replaced, reducing landfill damage.

Implementing motion sensors in addition to LED lights ensures that the lights only come on when required. Saving on energy when no one is using them.

  • Spray foam insulation 

Envoy Networks uses a spray foam insulation with rubberized reflective coating on the roof to help lower their carbon footprint. Spray foam is a renewable roofing system that helps keep the roof cool to lower the costs of insulating the warehouse. 

  • WiFi enabled HVAC with CO2 monitor

Smart HVAC and CO2 monitors not only ensure safety within our warehouses, they also help to regulate temperature and power usage. While providing efficient comfort, the Smart HVAC system helps to reduce energy consumption.

4. Network and industry knowledge

With over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry, Envoy Networks is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help ensure the best logistics for your business. 

Envoy works as your partner and guide. With the equipment, vehicles, and infrastructure to fulfill your Canadian logistics and warehousing expectations from coast to coast. We also strive to maintain a proactive relationship with all our clients. 

5. Real-time monitoring

Envoy Networks provides real-time monitoring of your warehoused goods. We provide transparency and tracking for your items. This helps save time, preventing you from having to come in, and helps us in meeting your expectations. 

This monitoring also helps us to ensure an efficient logistics process throughout.

Partner with Envoy Networks as Your Logistics Partner Today

Envoy Networks understands each business has its own unique set of requirements and challenges. At Envoy, we provide our clients with the flexibility and trust needed to fulfill and exceed their logistics expectations. 

Contact Envoy Networks today to tell us about your logistics needs and we’ll work to find the right solution.

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