Warehousing and eCommerce Fulfillment Toronto & Vancouver

Envoy Warehousing & Logistics offers full coverage for your Canadian warehousing needs.

We offer warehousing for both small-medium-sized B2C and B2B businesses. Our services are ideal for both Canadian and U.S. businesses that need a full logistics partner to cover every region in Canada.


Located near Pearson International Airport


Located near Vancouver International Airport


With warehouses located near international airports in Toronto, Ontario and Richmond, British Columbia we make your shipping and fulfillment needs easy and convenient.

Our state-of-the-art 19,000 sq ft warehouse in Toronto is meticulously maintained and environmentally conscious.

We maximize energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint by using LED motion sensor lights throughout the warehouse, spray foam insulation with a rubberized reflective coating on the roof and WiFi-enabled HVAC with CO2 monitor.

Clients can have access to the warehouse as needed and can continuously monitor inventory in real-time.

Our Western warehouse is conveniently located close to the highway in Richmond B.C. The location offers our clients the ability to store merchandise destined for Western Canada and the US saving time and money on shipping.

In addition to warehousing, we also offer competitive shipping rates, mailing/finishing, and more.

Have a question about our pricing? We offer cost-effective and transparent pricing.

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