Warehousing and Distribution Services in Toronto & GTA

Experience the Best in Toronto & GTA Warehousing Facilities 

Warehousing And Distribution - Services in Toronto & the GTA

Don’t want the hassle of renting, maintaining, and operating a warehouse space to hold all of your products?

Envoy Warehousing & Logistics provides complete logistic coverage for eCommerce businesses across Canada.

Our Third Party Logistics Warehousing is Here to Serve You 

State-of-the-Art Storage for Small, Medium and Start-Up eCommerce Companies

We provide warehousing for Canadian and US small-medium-sized B2C and B2B businesses, making us your ideal full logistics partner, as we can cover every region in Canada.

From independent fashion, beauty, and wellness retailers, to local artisans and small technology accessory businesses, we have the know-how and infrastructure to store inventory safely, securely and in a well-ventilated facility.

Plus, our clients can access our warehouses as needed, with the ability to monitor inventory continuously in real-time. Envoy has a tracking system that will warn you when you are low in stock and need to refill. 

In addition to warehousing, we offer some of the lowest and most competitive shipping rates, mailing/finishing, and more. See this blog to learn more about how a 3PL provider can benefit your eCommerce company.

Warehousing Locations in Toronto & the GTA

Our corporate office and warehouse are near the international airport in Etobicoke, making it easy and convenient to store your goods and manage all your shipping and fulfillment needs.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Located near Pearson International Airport

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Located near Pearson International Airport

Our state-of-the-art 19,000 sq ft warehouse in Toronto is meticulously maintained and environmentally conscious.

We maximize energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint by using LED motion sensor lights throughout the warehouse, WiFi-enabled HVAC with a CO2 monitor, spray foam insulation with a rubberized reflective coating and solar panels installed on our roof. 

Elevate your Business with Toronto & GTA Warehousing and Distribution Services

While we understand it can be challenging to trust a third-party logistics provider with such a crucial part of your business, we promise that Envoy is here to work with you to achieve the most effective, smooth and seamless operation possible.

Contact us today or get a quote to learn more about how Envoy can take your business to the next level.

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