What is the Difference Between a Supply Chain and Logistics?

When it comes to ecommerce fulfillment, inventory management and product services, the terms supply chain and logistics are often used interchangeably. So, let’s discuss what is the difference between a supply chain and logistics by first understanding what each is individually.

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A Beautiful Nightmare: Cosmetic Logistics and its Unique Challenges

Cosmetics customers are notoriously fickle. They want their products now while it is new and a hot commodity. Logistics challenges can be tough to mitigate for many logistics providers, but for those such as Envoy that have an established network and a proven history of success in cosmetics fulfilment, it presents an opportunity to review what it takes to succeed in what we refer to as the beautiful nightmare: cosmetic logistics and its unique challenges.

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Warehouse vs. Fulfillment Centre: What's the Difference?

The terms warehouse and fulfillment centre are often thought of as one and the same and used interchangeably. So let’s learn a bit more about what each does in the context of supply chain and logistics and review their key differences.

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5 Tips for Effective Logistics and Shipment for E-Commerce Platforms

Building an e-commerce business is complicated enough as it is. Adding another layer of complexity is having to contend with the ever-evolving industries of shipping and logistics.

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Why Inkjetting and Mailing is Critical for Mailing Campaigns

With inkjetting and mailing distribution, you can reach a larger percentage of people in your database. The inkjetting process allows for high speed printing while still maintaining the quality you desire.

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How Does a 3PL Provider Benefit Me?

By bringing in a 3PL, you get to offload and outsource your supply chain management. This means everything from inventory to fulfillment to distribution is now put into the hands of experts.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Envoy for Your Canadian Warehousing Needs

The right logistics partner not only relieves you of your logistics troubles but also offers the right guidance and tools to steer your business towards success.

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How do I Know if my Supply Chain is Efficient?

How do your products get from point A to point B? Sounds simple, but it is often overlooked or inefficiently implemented.

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