5 Tips for Effective Logistics and Shipment for E-Commerce Platforms

Building an e-commerce business is complicated enough as it is. Adding another layer of complexity is having to contend with the ever-evolving industries of shipping and logistics. It’s not only about how you integrate them into your overall business plan, but also about how you integrate shipping and logistics into your e-commerce platform itself. After all, efficiency is key.

As a leading third-party logistics services provider and e-commerce fulfillment company, Envoy Warehousing and Logistics is offering up five tips for effective logistics and shipment for e-commerce platforms.

1. Make use of all available shipping options.

Ensuring product gets to customers quickly and safely is a top priority for every e-commerce business. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your business has quick access to every shipping option available.

After all, why limit shipping to just your typical small package and LTL (less-than-truckload) carriers when having access to other forms of transport can ensure your shipping logistics stays dynamic and efficient. Making sure your business is prepared to pivot quickly to other shipping options when required is key given that customers increasingly expect faster and faster delivery.

For e-commerce companies offering bulkier items, such as furniture, that would benefit from white-glove service, consider a dedicated freight provider with experience in heavier, more unusual shipments.

2. Pay attention to changing customer preferences and give them options.

While being able to get free shipping and next-day delivery seems to be the holy grail for most consumers, some prefer other options.

Rather do curbside pickup? We’ve got that. Need it delivered to a third-party location? We’ll make it happen. Offering your customers a choice in how they wish to obtain their purchase is an effective way to appeal to the many tastes and preferences of your customers.

This also plays a part in ensuring a great customer experience. Customers who have the ability to choose shipping methods that work best for them while obtaining their purchase seamlessly and safely will no doubt have a favourable view of your business and be back for more.

3. Use real-time data to give status updates on shipments and order fulfillment.

Offering customers real-time tracking to see where their shipment is, when it will arrive, where it is if it hasn’t arrived and options for next steps offers benefits to not only the customer experience but also your business reputation.

While it’s impossible to stop all manner of events from impacting shipment deliveries to your customers, utilizing tracking data gives you the power to reroute shipments to ensure timely delivery. Information is power, as the saying goes, and data is the bedrock of information in our digital world.

4. Link every part of the supply chain.

The nature of e-commerce is one that’s fast-paced and dynamic, with demand for products constantly changing. Using forecasting software to accurately predict demand and ensure adequate stock is only one part of ensuring your e-commerce business can keep up. The other part is having an efficient supply chain.

Linking your entire supply chain, from procurement to fulfillment to shipping, allows you to quickly communicate demand to shippers, allowing them to better manage inventory and get products moving faster and closer to consumers.

5. Invest in tech that makes e-commerce shipping and logistics safer and more efficient.

Technology’s impact on the supply chain and logistics industries is massive. No longer are parts of your business and supply chain siloed off; now, with the use of integrated software and the Internet of Things (IoT), every part of your supply chain can securely communicate important information and execute tasks in real-time.

For example, utilizing Transport Management Software (TMS) to plan and execute shipments is an excellent way to find efficiencies and optimize your shipping and logistics operations. TMS achieves this by finding the most cost-effective and efficient ways to get your products in the hands of customers based on current demand, mitigating increasing transportation costs.

But tech isn’t just about safeguarding your bottom line. It goes without saying that from the moment a customer hits that “Place Order” button to their purchase arriving, a lot of key information is being transmitted. Making sure that information is delivered safely and securely throughout your supply chain should always be a top priority for every e-commerce business. Investing in cybersecurity tactics such as endpoint security, virtual firewalls, multifactor identification and more should take place on an ongoing basis.

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