Why Inkjetting and Mailing is Critical for Mailing Campaigns

While online marketing has substantially expanded, there is still a unique tactile element with mailing campaigns. There are great business opportunities in mail campaigns and the personal touch that come with them. 

Third-party mailing that provides inkjetting and mailing services help businesses achieve the possibility of successfully messaging hundreds, to hundreds of thousands, of individuals. Inkjetting allows for a quick and accurate print job of addresses on the mail. 

There are many reasons as to why a business should consider inkjetting and mailing for their mailing campaigns. 

Reach a larger amount of people through inkjetting and mailing

With inkjetting and mailing distribution, you can reach a larger percentage of people in your database. The inkjetting process allows for high speed printing while still maintaining the quality you desire. This produces the quantity of mail you require without eating up too much time or deteriorating the quality. 

Plus, having a mailing service that already has logistics in place to deliver mail helps save loads of time. You won’t have to worry about how and where to deliver the mail. Mailing services allow you to reach wider audiences. 

Personalization through mailing

Did you know that adding a personalized name to your direct mail will increase the chances of it being opened by 135% (Fundera). That personal touch of receiving a piece of mail at your house is arguably irreplaceable, and is often lost in other forms of marketing. 

Maintaining a database capable of correctly mailing out content is essential to your mailing campaign’s success. It can get overwhelming without a third-party service ensuring all mail is addressed and delivered accurately. The last thing you want is to send out a beautiful piece of mail to “John” with “Tania” written on it! 

Versatility in presentation 

Mailing and inkjetting allows you to build your mailing campaign with great versatility. Explore different forms of presentation such as brochures, pamphlets, letters - whatever will best express your message and convey your brand. 

For example, if you are encouraging people to attend a seminar you may want to explore an invitation that includes their name and title. The personalized message will be appreciated, and may be the differentiation you need. 

Branding, branding, branding! 

Every successful company knows the importance of branding. Direct mail campaigns paired with online marketing can be very effective for brand exposure and recognition. Consumers will recall your brand a lot faster if they’ve recently viewed it.

People often trust direct mail more than promotional emails. Just think back on how many times you have avoided opening an email because you were unsure of who it came from. Alternatively, how often have you just skimmed past because there are just too many emails to attend to? With direct mail, there is a higher chance of your message being read and a much greater level of trust. 

Cost effective with inkjetting 

Due to the nature of inkjetting, it is also a lot more cost-effective than other methods of printing. Since inkjetting allows for greater print speed, it produces the desired outcome in a shorter amount of time allowing for cheaper rates. 

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