How You Can Improve Your Supply Chain Strategies for Your eCommerce Business

No matter your supply chain model, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency is what will ultimately keep your ecommerce business running and your customers happy. But with all the complex moving parts that comprise a supply chain, trying to figure out how to improve it can be complicated. 

Luckily, as a trusted third-party logistics (3PL) provider to ecommerce businesses shipping within Canada and shipping to Canada from the U.S.A, we at Envoy Warehousing and Logistics have a lot of experience dealing with ecommerce fulfillment and supply chains. 

Let’s look into how you can improve your supply chain strategies for your ecommerce business.

Make sure you have the right suppliers.

At the core of your supply chain is your suppliers. They are the ones providing you with the key components of your product, so it’s important to make sure they understand your business, your product and your market. Be clear and up front with your suppliers about your requirements, weeding out anyone who isn’t aligned with your expectations. You only want to work with suppliers who can consistently meet your needs. 

Communicate clearly and frequently with your suppliers and build trust.

Keeping your suppliers in the loop while building a working relationship that is based on trust is key. Never make promises to customers without consulting with your suppliers first, avoiding any unnecessary surprises. It’s equally important to have a plan in place with your supplier that measures success, resolves conflict and finds value.

Never rely on just one supplier.

The saying “never put your eggs in one basket” is never more true than when you’re dealing with supply chains. Any number of things can happen that can affect your supplier’s ability to provide materials, such as fires, floods, power outages and beyond. It’s safe to say that you want to be prepared for any worst-case scenarios, and if one supplier drops, you have another lined up to fill the gap. 

Review your distribution network and look for improvements.

Taking stock of how your overall distribution network is functioning is a great way to find improvement opportunities that boost efficiency. You can either take a “clustered” approach, which includes grouping all your metrics together (think graphs and charts) to get a detailed view of specific processes; or, you can take a “holistic” approach by reviewing key parts of your distribution network and how they function as a whole. 

Invest in tech. 

When we discuss tips to improving efficiency in logistics and shipping, investing in technology is always a top recommendation, and the same applies to improving your supply chain strategy. Take a close look at any processes that are missing the mark and see where technological advancements can play a role in boosting performance. For example, investing in artificial intelligence (such as machine learning) that analyze large data sets to provide forecasting can give you an accurate prediction of future demand so you can plan accordingly.

When it comes to efficient ecommerce fulfillment, put your strategies into action with the help of our 3PL experts at Envoy Warehousing & Logistics.

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